In 2021 we were honoured to be able to meet with community members at meetings, events and ceremonies like the Granular Crushing Contract Ceremony and Rock Crushing Ceremony in December. You can learn more about those and other events on our website

2022 will bring the start of the Highway 17 construction. With it will be the implementation of the Anishinaabe Guardians Program. During the Anishinaabe Aki Kakendamowin (AAK) knowledge gathering process, the Elders noted the importance of making sure the lands, skies, soils, and water were being protected and the promises being made were kept. The Anishinaabe Guardians Program was proposed to monitor how the project is impacting the environment as well as the overall health of the lands, skies, soils, and waters.

The four Nations will play an active role in the Twinning of the Highway through Guardianship and construction work. Community Navigators have been brought on for each of the communities to help connect interested workers with employment and training on the Twinning Project. There will be…