Grand Council Treaty #3

Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh and Grand Council Treaty #3 would like to acknowledge Miisun and Miitigoog General Partner Inc. for their assistance in the Bug Lake Project.

Throughout this spring Grand Council Treaty #3, under the guidance of Elder Langford Ogemah, has been working to establish an on-the-land treatment program at Bug Lake. This project is meant to provide opportunities for those seeking healing to return to the land and use traditional practices to improve their lives. As the funding for this project is limited, numerous individuals have sponsored the project with their time and effort.

Formed in 2008, Miisun is a 100% Anishinaabe owned and operated company dedicated to various aspects of the forestry industry under the Miitigoog General Partner Inc. A central goal of Miisun is the harmonization of forestry best practices with Anishinaabe environmental stewardship. The seven communities forming the partnership are Niisaachewan, Naotkamegwanning, Onigaming, Shoal Lake 40, Northwest Angle 33, Naongashiing, and Wabaseemoong.

Miisun and Miitigoog volunteered equipment, and personnel, and supplies to clear brush, improve road access, and establish the beginnings of the Bug Lake camp. These contributions were supplemented by Weyehaeuser – a long time partner of Miisun and Miitigoog. EACOM Timber Corporation also contributed supplies and equipment. It is through assistance from Anishinaabe organizations such as Miisun and Miitigoog that back-to-basics initiatives such as the Bug Lake Project become a reality.

“We are extremely proud here in Treaty #3 to have our Anishinaabe communities with the capacity to do our own work, on our own lands, for our own people,” said Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh.”The fact that we can now make these visionary on-the-land healing projects a reality utilizing our own companies and our own expertise demonstrates how far we have come.”

“Miisun and Miitigoog is an initiative that is very close to our hearts as a success story of Manitou Aki Inakonigewin – the Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty #3’s Great Earth Law,” said Chief and Miisun President Lorraine Cobiness. “By having Manitou Aki Inakonigewin at the core of what we do, we ensure that our resources are developed in an environmentally responsible way that benefits everyone in our community. This dedication to our communities means giving back to projects such as the Bug Lake Project.”

Miisun and Miitigoog along with Grand Council Treaty #3 remain committed to reintroducing traditional economic and governance practices to the Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty #3.