Elder Guy Henry inspecting Manomin

Learning From The Land: Field Work Completed

Elder Guy Henry and Jane Mariotti visited the Manomin fields in the upper Winnipeg River this August, where more data was gathered to better understand current conditions. By canoe, they assessed Manomin plants in various parts of the River and flew a drone to take aerial pictures of the distribution of Manomin and other vegetation this growing season.

Elder Guy Henry shared how to navigate a canoe through the stands and harvest Manomin in a good way using ricing sticks and a push pole. Jane now works to summarize the knowledge we have learned in the field in a comprehensive report.

Elder Guy Henry shows how to push-pole through Manomin.

Sharing ‘The Gift of Mnoomin’ with young audiences at the Telling Tales Festival

On September 17, the story of a Manomin seed and its many relationships with Creation was shared with families at the Telling Tales Festival in Hamilton, Ontario.

Children were given Manomin seeds to hold and examine as Cheyanne Herder, from Michipicoten First Nation, read ‘The Gift of Mnoomin’ and shared Anishinaabemowin translations for key words. Britt, Cheyanne and Laura connected with the audience about Manomin, sharing recipes and experiences. Children repeated words in Anishinaabemowin, and following the reading, asked to know more words, which Cheyanne translated and explained. Many attendees expressed a newfound interest in Manomin and visited Britt after the reading to have their purchased books autographed.

Britt Luby’s book ‘The Gift of Mnoomin’ is read with joy. From left to right, Laura Legzdins, Britt Luby and Cheyanne Herder.