NATIONAL ABORIGINAL VETERANS DAY - Remembering Canada’s past, present, and fallen Aboriginal veterans

In honour of National Aboriginal Veterans Day, Niisaachewan’s Band Office will be closed today and will reopen tomorrow.

Throughout the last 200 years, as far back as the War of 1812 and the South African War… thousands of Aboriginal people answered the call to serve. Fighting for a government that saw them as second class citizens Canada’s Aboriginal troops fought with honour and distinction.

Indeed, some of Canada’s finest soldiers such as Francis Pegahmagabow, Tommy Prince, and David Kejick were Aboriginal men widely recognized as truly amazing soldiers by Canada’s citizens and government.

Sadly… the fact that they were Aboriginal stood in the way of greater recognition for their acts of bravery.  It is extremely likely that both men would have received higher military awards if they were white, as the Victoria Cross was awarded to white soldiers for far less than what Francis Pegahmagabow, Tommy Prince, and David Kejick did.

Many believe that David Kejick should’ve been awarded the Victoria Cross, and Francis Pegahmagabow and Tommy Prince should’ve both been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Click on their names.  Read their stories. Remember them.