Grand Council Treaty #3

Grand Council Treaty #3 is seeking a researcher or research team to analyze the funding needs for culturally appropriate child and family services in Treaty #3 First Nations, aiming to achieve substantive equality. The analysis covers agency and community funding requirements, considering the increasing responsibility of First Nations. Researchers must outline their commitment to OCAP principles in their proposals.

The analysis and report will allow for the Anishinaabe Nation of Treaty #3 to finally resolve and agree to long term reform that achieves substantive equality for their communities, families and children

The analysis will consider both agency-level funding needs and community-level funding needs, reflecting the reality that First Nations are increasingly taking on responsibility for service development and provision themselves, while agencies continue to provide needed services as well.

The research will involve reviewing existing studies and data sets, and gathering and working with new data where required.

The analysis should encompass a wide range of service provision domains, including but not limited to prevention services and First Nation Representative Services (formerly referred to as Band Representative Services).

In response to this RFP, all proposals must specify the researcher’s approach for guaranteeing adherence to OCAP principles during the research project and beyond.

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