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OHT funding has been announced, and ANHP will set up a budget committee to prioritize and plan how to move our work forward.

Compassionate Kenora

As of Dec 31, Compassionate Kenora will need new space to carry out their primary care work. Partners will work together to help find suitable space, and support the CK programs and pathways.

Mental Health

Multiple partners report increased crisis calls, which they expect will continue over the holidays and winter months. Partners need to support each other, and their staff who have been working especially hard during COVID, and are experiencing fatigue.

Waterview Inn

Waterview Inn expected to open for emergency temporary stays starting Dec 16, following expedited staff training and renovations.

Isolation space

Isolation spaces have been reserved at a location separate from the Waterview.

Strategy Institute Conference

Henry will be speaking at the Strategy Institute Conference about the work of the ANHP

Digital Connectivity

Work is progressing on the Digital Strategy, which will help connect different aspects of the ANHP work, reduce barriers, and help us develop a patient-centred, seamless, holistic health care system.



Next meeting

Regular Agenda: Dec 16, 3-5 pm


The urgency of preparing appropriate COVID-19 isolation solutions for our communities, and developing solutions for individuals who lack appropriate, affordable shelter as harsh winter conditions approach, continues to be the focus of the All Nations Partners (ANHP) and its 15 Partner members.

A working group spearheaded by the Kenora Association for Community Living and Waasegiizhig Nanaandawe’iyewigamig has developed the processes required to welcome individuals most in need and ensure safety and dignity of citizens who require a shelter or who need to isolate for reasons related to COVID-19. The group continues its work with Kenora District Services Board and other partners to:

  • Adjust building layout and complete renovations to ensure the safety and security for residents and support workers
  • Hire staff to provide supports
  • Coordinate partners providing wholistic supports

An alternative location has been identified to specifically better meet the needs related to COVID-19 isolation. As a result, additional units will be available for short-term supported housing at the Waterview Inn. In the coming weeks, the ANHP will welcome the most vulnerable within the homeless population as they move into housing and get to know the support staff. The partners are keenly aware that the demand for housing far outweighs the available supply, and the Waterview Inn is just one of many projects that are underway at this time to provide a more comprehensive response to the fundamental need all citizens have for appropriate, affordable options to meet their needs for shelter.

The first intake has been completed. Individuals who want to be considered for housing at the Inn as space becomes available can access forms at the emergency shelter, Morningstar, Compassionate Kenora, Fellowship Centre, CMHA Kenora and the mobile outreach van, or they can stop by KDSB offices.

Pathways to COVID-19 isolation for those individuals in need in the Kenora area are currently being finalized and shared with stakeholders. The partners are committed to moving this work forward as quickly as possible.

Joe Barnes, Executive Director
Kenora Chiefs Advisory
Co-Chair All Nations Health Partners
Phone: 807-467-8144
[email protected]

Henry Wall, Chief Administrative Officer
Kenora District Services Board Co-Chair All Nations Health Partners
Phone: 807-223-2100 ext. 2222
Email: [email protected]