Family Well-being program is designed to deliver prevention-focused, culturally-responsive supports to Indigenous children and youth in child welfare and youth justice systems and their families

Core components

  • Family well-being workers will increase access supports to children and youth and their families and connect them to existing services
  • Provide community-based culturally programming to children, youth and their families who have experienced, or been exposed to violence and;
  • Create a safe space where children, youth and their families can receive culturally appropriate support and refer them to community and/or urban resources that will support them in their journey.

Program Outcomes

The family well-being program aims to support community in achieving three outcomes

  1.  Reduce violence in families
  2. Reduce the need to bring children, youth into the child welfare and youth systems
  3. Improve the over-all health and well-being of the community


Funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. An Initiative under the Long-term Strategy to interrupt the cycle of violence against Indigenous women

Project started: December 17, 2017. Project End Date:  March 31, 2019