Provide access to quality home and community care services and support to First Nation members residing in First Nation communities to meet the community needs identified in the needs assessment that includes the following essential service elements:

  • Structured client assessment
  • Care coordination/case management
  • Home care nursing services
  • Home support services, personal care services and home management
  • In-home respite care
  • Access to medical supplies and equipment
  • Client records system maintained including initial assessments and periodic reassessments and on-going care plans and client documents
  • Management and support(including professional supervision/ consultation)
  • Linkages established with other health care and social service sectors.


  • Provide services within a delivery model that supports integration  with other community-based health and social services and linkages with other health care sectors as per approved service delivery plan.
  • Manage and monitor quality, liability and risk issues and ensure program delivery is supported by appropriate standards, policies and procedures.
  • Build capacity through ongoing training , coaching and mentoring.
  • Ensure that the providers of health care services are trained and recognized providers working within the limits of their training and acquired skill set.
  • Implement standards and quality improvement measures.