NNADAP program is designed to carry out set activities to assist members with support and to reduce alcohol and other substance abuse with the community by building the capacity within community to develop and deliver culturally appropriate community- based addictions service.

  • Increase awareness and understanding among residents about alcohol and other substance abuse issues.
  • Promotion of alternative healthier lifestyles through recreational activities, therapeutic therapy, support groups, native spiritual and cultural programs.
  • To strengthen links between community-based programs and residential treatments.
  • To provide support to individuals and families of individual in post treatment.


  • Provide culturally appropriate program to educate and promote addictions awareness and addiction-free lifestyles.


  • Provide assessment of client and referral of client to treatment and prepare clients into entry of residential treatment or other rehabilitation/ treatment programs.
  • Provide short-term counseling in crisis situations
  • Provide out-patient counseling services

Aftercare/ Follow-up:

  • Provide aftercare to clients returning from treatment and maintain a link with the relevant treatment centers concerning client care and progress.
  • Provide skills in effective prevention/intervention strategies that address the challenges of addictions among youth.