The NAN Education Dept. primarily funds Fall & Winter semesters. A second deadline may be offered pending funding availability. Should a surplus be incurred, a second call for applications may be put out, but this decision is at the Education Committee’s discretion. Any surplus funds will be allocated to post-secondary programming for the academic year which the surplus is incurred.

Every applicant, whether they are new students or continuing students, must apply each year. All necessary and updated documentation must be provided before an application is reviewed. This includes special accommodations such as an Individual Education Plan (IEP), trustee letter, doctor’s note, etc.

It is the student’s responsibility to gather all documentation requested to complete the application. This includes proof of dependents in student’s care (i.e. Letter from agency, school, or Child Tax Assessment), regardless if they are a Returning Student. It is not the responsibility of the Education Director to gather information or documentation which was submitted in the previous academic year.

Every applicant must complete the Check List to ensure that all pertinent information is provided to complete the application for funding. Failure to do so will result in the Education Committee not reviewing your application.

Applications are received and reviewed by the Education Director to ensure completeness. The Education Director reviews all documentation submitted and deems is complete or incomplete based on the information submitted. Only completed applications are forwarded to the Education Committee to be reviewed at application selection time.

Incomplete applications will not be considered or reviewed by the committee until all required information is provided (only if the information is received by June 01).

THE DEADLINE FOR ALL POST-SECONDARY APPLICATIONS FOR FUNDING IS JUNE 01 (of any given year) at 4:30 pm(CST). It is imperative to follow the application checklist meticulously. If possible, please do not wait until minutes before the deadline to submit your application as the Education Director will not have sufficient time to tell you if you are missing any information. If your application is submitted right at 4:30PM CST and it is found to be incomplete, you will not have a chance to submit any missing documentation.

Post-Secondary Application

We are currently updating our form/application process.  In the meantime please contact our Post-Secondary Coordinator using the form below.