All Nations Health Partners

This week, the ANHP OHT Partner Table heard a presentation on the Kenora Justice Centre initiative and the status of the project. Partners shared how they were recognizing September 30th as National Day for Truth & Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day. Partners discussed collaborating on highlighting achievements and successes of the ANHP.


  • Working on materials for public education on ANHP purpose
  • Reviewing options for Partner recognition
  • Sharing partner information on ANHP social media platforms
  • Developing policy for ANHP brand usage
  • Encouraging public participation and learning on September 30th National Day for Truth & Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day
  • ANHP branded PowerPoint and letterhead templates have been developed and are available to all working groups

Privacy & Security

  • Working group’s Terms of Reference drafted and approved
  • Co-chairs of the working group have been elected

Mental Health & Addictions

  • In response to the Call for Proposals, ANHP supported two separate applications under different funding streams
  • Future meeting scheduled to continue to plan for the vision and implementation of the work that will done by the working group

Primary Care & Specialists

  • Physician sub-group will have its first meeting at the end of September to discuss primary care physician service models for ANHP area
  • Meeting regarding NORTHH Practice Based Research Network occurred with various partners
  • Opportunities to support ANHP with the collaborative quality improvement plan and community driven primary care research projects were explored (cancer screening research project across OHT)
  • Preliminary meetings held with consultants to explore possibility of working together to create 1 – 3year strategic plan to advance and implement primary care blueprint
  • Primary Care interim proposal funding for First Nations Primary care still stalled but under consideration within MOHLTC

COVID-19 Response Group

COVID-19: Temporary Housing – Vulnerable Sector

  • The focus of the Kenora Waterview Housing Project is to meet people where they are at, staff are supportive and nonjudgmental, providing a housing first approach, believing people are better able to make positive life choices if they are housed
  • 21 people continue to reside at the Waterview – all rooms are full
  • Operational for 9 months, no one has had to leave due to eviction and there is a daily schedule each week with partner agencies who assist occupants
  • Partner services/supports offered are based on occupant request and are individualized and centered on the person; services offered:
    • Harm Reduction Options
    • Access To Traditional Healing
    • Western Medicine
    • Counseling and Sharing Circles
    • Foot Care
    • Sexual Assault Education
    • Life Skills
    • Case Management
    • Education Upgrades (GED)
    • Addictions Medicine (RAAM)
    • Crafts and Recreation

COVID-19: Temporary Housing – Isolation

  • As of September 20, 2021 at 12pm:
    • Clients to Date: 353
    • COVID-19 Positive Clients to Date: 71 – No change
    • # of Unique Clients to Date: 287
    • Clients Currently in Isolation: 0
    • COVID+ Clients Who are Currently in Isolation: 0