Please be advised at the direction of Chief & Council, the following new measures for pandemic restrictions have been declared:

  • Visitor(s) are required to provide proof of vaccination at the checkpoint gate. THERE WILL BE NO ENTRY TO UNVACCINATED INDIVIDUALS who do not ordinarily reside in our community. This includes unvaccinated band members who do not live in the community.
  • Proof of vaccination will be required to enter any of the workplace buildings in our community. Unvaccinated members who reside in our community must conduct business only through phone, email, or using Zoom.
  • VISITOR FORMS must be filled out prior to entering our community. There will be absolutely no exceptions if the gate staff have not received a form for your visitor(s). Be mindful of where your visitors are coming from. “Hot Spots” are places that have a higher rate of positive cases.
  • Visitors unwilling to provide information during screening at the gate such as name(s), screening information, temperatures, etc. may result in being denied access into the community.
  • When approaching the gate, please reduce vehicle speed and drive with caution. This is a safety precaution for the gate staff.
  • Gate staff require additional time to perform screenings. Community members are expected to be patient when screenings are performed.
  • When on medical trips or traveling outside of the province, please continue to physical distance, wear your masks when out, wash your hands regularly. Protecting yourself leads to protecting the community.
  • Any unacceptable behaviours or actions in the community will result in visitors being asked to leave and authorities will be contacted if needed.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.