Lake of the Woods District Hospital has activated its pandemic plan in response to two hospital patients testing positive for COVID-19. The health and safety of patients, their families, staff, professional staff, and volunteers is our utmost priority.

As we are in an outbreak situation, we are implementing immediate visitor restrictions at Lake of the Woods District Hospital until we have determined the extent of the COVID-19 spread. This restriction is effective Saturday March 6th at 3:00 p.m. and until further notice.

Limited exceptions may apply to end of life patients, as well as other extenuating circumstances. Any exceptions will be determined by the unit manager or delegate.

Early recognition and swift actions in response to these episodes are essential for effective management of any outbreak. Actions will include contact tracing, testing and isolation of exposed staff and patients. Our Infection Control team is currently investigating the origin of the outbreak.

The Northwestern Health Unit has been notified appropriately and we are working in collaboration to ensure effective control strategies are initiated.

The Hospital will comment further once we know the full extent of the outbreak.

Charlene Kissick, Brand Management Lead
[email protected]