Due to the security, health and safety of our people that reside in Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation, it has been decided that we will be closing road access to ALL INCOMING AND OUTGOING TRAFFIC overnight during the hours of 11pm – 6am starting on THURSDAY APRIL 2nd, 2020.

ONLY EMERGENCY PERSONNEL will be allowed in and out during the noted times above.

Please notify your family members on and off the community that daily enhanced screening will be implemented and to complete their daily duties as needed during the day before 11pm each night.

REMINDER: Bringing anybody who isn’t a Band Member or Community Resident into the community is prohibited at this time and will be taken very seriously, and we will kindly ask that they leave.

Effective immediately as supported by Chief & Council and the Headspeople, our checkpoint Security have full authority to implement these measures.