• The community gate will be open 7 days a week MONDAY – SUNDAY from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Band members and Non band members are welcome to visit their family. Please remember to stay within your “BUBBLE” and within your family grouping as recommended.
  • The maximum allowed visitors PER HOUSEHOLD is limited to FIVE (5) VISITORS.
  • Checkpoint security are authorized to refuse entry to non-residents if there is a failure to comply with Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation’s screening rules.
  • Forms and enhanced screening are required to be filled out before entering Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation and sent to [email protected] or left at the band office front desk.
  • Non-compliance or threatening behavior towards the checkpoint workers will result in the authorities being contacted.
  • Non-Band Members are required to leave Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation by 11 p.m. after every visit. This will be closely monitored by our gate staff. In the event of a failure to exit by 11pm, the authorities will be contacted.

Chief and Council and essential staff will continue to monitor the situation. Updated communication will be posted to the website as the situation develops. Please note that all Headspeople have been provided with updated information to share with their respective families.

Any other inquiries Chief & Council can be reached via email, cell, home or at the office.