The community gate will be open 7 days a week MONDAY – SUNDAY from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Band members and Non band members are welcome to visit their family. Please remember to stay within your “SOCIAL BUBBLE” and within your family grouping as recommended.

Any visitors into the community will be screened and have prior approvals in place with clearance done by gate personnel, management, or Chief and Council. 

Checkpoint security are authorized to refuse entry to non-residents and to search vehicles for compliance.

Non-compliance or threatening behavior towards the checkpoint workers will result in the authorities being contacted.

We don’t recommend non-essential travel.  If you need to travel, please take the necessary precautions.

The Band Office will be only open to staff and primary care service providers at this time.  Should community members require appointments they are to phone to the office and arrange a time.  Pre-screening will be completed before entering the office. Masks are Mandatory.

Chief and Council and essential staff will continue to monitor the situation. Updated communication will be posted to the website as the situation develops.

Any other inquiries Chief & Council can be reached:

  • Lorraine Cobiness (807) 466-0808 text or msg
  • Reno Cameron (807) 464-0950
  • Fabian Blackhawk (807) 464-4137
  • Bernice Major (807) 407-5686
  • Martina Strong (807) 548-1134

We appreciate our members continuing to do their part in limiting the spread in our community.  We will get through this together.