On Friday April 17, 2020 the NWHU confirmed its first positive case in Kenora, Ontario. Many of our neighboring communities have implemented further lockdown measures to protect their members and limit non-resident access unless necessary.

Be advised that due to the Global Pandemic COVID-19 and in order to minimize the impact of an epidemic / pandemic outbreak in our community and homelands, Chief and Council of Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation have deemed it necessary to enact the following measures:

Lockdown Measures Effective Immediately

  • Permanent Residents of Niisaachewan are permitted to enter in and out of community on designated days and time. All others are restricted from entering Niisaachewan unless permitted by Chief and Council.
  • Essential Travel Days are Tuesdays and Saturdays during the hours of 9 am – 6 pm.
  • List of Essential Travel includes grocery shopping, medical appointments, prescription pick-up, and all other necessary supplies. Please note that this includes those that WORK outside the community – we ask that you clarify times and schedules with Security Check Point workers. Be reminded that they reserve the right to question, search, and deny access and entry at this time.
  • Any other deliveries to residents can be left at the Security Check Point and will be subject to search if questionable and will be logged with all pertinent information.

These measures will be monitored on a weekly basis and could change at anytime.

We urge you to check-up and take care of your extended families or those who may need additional support during this time. Staff will be following up with wellness checks via phone, email, and or social media.

For additional resources and information on the COVID-19 please see or our community website at

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation, patience, and encourage everyone to follow the directions of health and safety officials. We’re doing our very best to protect our community and our members as best we can. We continue to pray and put our offerings down.