The Nibi Curriculum will outline approaches and resources to engage with water teachings and responsibilities to water.  The curriculum will provide educational materials to share the principles and teachings from by the Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty #3 and found in the Treaty #3 Nibi Declaration. The curriculum will support the Nibi Declaration through providing access to youth and others, for Treaty #3 members and everyone who wants to learn more and develop their relationship with Nibi. It will be focused on Anishinaabe teachings from Treaty #3 and relevant to the Lake of the Woods Watershed.

The materials developed in the Treaty #3 Nibi Curriculum will be adaptable to In person or virtual mediums of learning as well as groups/classrooms or for individuals whom want to learn on their own.  The materials in the Curriculum will address both Indigenous knowledge systems and non-Indigenous systems (including governance and scientific information) and compiled materials to date will be shared with the successful applicant. Written material will be made available on a website and may be shared through printed forms as well.

The Territorial Planning Unit, Decolonizing Water and Treaty #3 Women’s Council are looking to continue the development of supporting materials and the implementation of the Treaty #3 Nibi Declaration through the Nibi Curriculum.

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Please submit proposals to:

Lucas King
Director, Territorial Planning Unit
Grand Council Treaty #3
[email protected]