LWCB is planning some outflow reductions out of Lake of the Woods this week.  Their plan is to reduce outflow by 10 m3/s daily, starting tomorrow and extending into the weekend.  This would reduce the outflow from the current 300 m3/s to 240 m3/s by next Monday.  The expected changes in Winnipeg River levels for these outflow reductions are as follows:

  • Daily 10 m3/s decrease: 0.8 cm above the Dalles and 0.7 cm above Throat Rapids
  • Total 60 m3/s decrease: 4.5 cm above the Dalles and 4.3 cm above Throat Rapids 

As some already know, there are moderate drought conditions in many parts of the Lake of the Woods basin, including upstream areas where much of the lake’s inflow stems from.  Flows throughout the basin are below normal for this time of year and the lake level has started to decline over the past week.  With these flow reductions, the LWCB are hoping to maintain storage in the lake and ensure moderate flows on the Winnipeg River for the near to long term future if dry conditions persist into the rest of the summer and the fall.  Hopefully, these smaller daily reductions will more closely resemble naturally declining rivers in the basin.

If you have any concerns with this plan or any feedback to provide contact:

Alexandra Lavictoire, P.Eng.
Water Resources Engineer
Lake of the Woods Secretariat
Direct: 819-420-7458
Toll-Free: 1-800-661-5922