Wild Rice

We, the Elders of Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation, support the Manomin Research Project. 

The Manomin Research Project seeks to understand what is causing Manomin loss in traditional harvesting areas and to restore the fields. 

We, the Elders, recognize the damage that mechanical harvesting can have on the study. 

We recognize that mechanical harvesting may limit the amount of Manomin that is reseeded and therefore limit future growth. 

We are going to support the Manomin Research Project by recognizing the negative impacts of mechanical harvesting on research and the potential impacts on field health. It is our hope that this ban will help us understand Manomin loss and restore the fields for future generations OR allow us to gather reliable evidence for future claims for compensation for lost Manomin. 

We recognize Manomin harvesting as a sacred Inherent Right protected by Paypom and we will support and encourage traditional harvesting activities by canoe. Therefore, as Elders of Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation, we support the efforts of Chief and Council in banning mechanical harvesting.

Respectfully and in unity – NAN Elders