Nimay Release (Sturgeon)

17 Receivers have kept track of the 39 Juvenile Adults that were released through the last 5 years and there have been over 1 million location detections from our tagged sturgeon!

Over 770,000 detections have came from Locke Bay and our Nimay have all survived in an environment where 37 out of 39 Nimay released stayed in our river system!

Through traditional teachings and research to confirm – our Sturgeon Spawn Late May to early June! Some of our Sturgeon have been given names such as The Runner, James Bond, and Gordie Howe!

Gather with our partners in the Autumn to honor our relationships and partnerships while celebrating through ceremony!

Underwater cameras are currently in the pipeline to perform visual inspections on our  Nimay, and with a bit of luck to see the Nimay spawn!