The All Nations Health Partners are a coalition of leaders in Indigenous and mainstream health services in the Kenora Region. We are working to improve the health system to focus on people first and better serve the unique needs of our northern communities. We are developing a regionally specific, culturally appropriate and responsive health system for all people. Our approach is collaborative and holistic, rooted in both traditional healing practices and the best aspects of the modern health system.

For over a decade, much work by our Chiefs, our Elders, and our youth have guided and directed a clear message for our partnerships to focus on a holistic approach to healthcare. Kenora Chiefs Advisory is proud to be moving forward with the All Nations Health Partners in transforming the health care system in our homeland. Working together, we aim to deliver culturally appropriate health care services from hospital to home no matter who you are or where you live in the region. What we see now is the beginning of our vision coming true.

Chief Lorraine Cobiness, Kenora Chiefs Advisory Board President

History and Mandate

  • The All Nations Health Partners (ANHP) grew out of the Kenora Area Health Care Working Group which was started in 2015 to address a chronic, critical doctor shortage, and cross-border healthcare issues, as well as in response to Truth & Reconciliation calls to action.
  • Through a 2017 Resolution by leaders of Indigenous communities, municipalities and health care organizations, the ANHP was created, and continued to strengthen its relationships. An All Nations Hospital was also planned, with a partnership between Lake of the Woods District Hospital and Kenora Chiefs Advisory.