Kenora Chiefs Advisory

The Kenora Chiefs Advisory is applauding Kenora City Councils decision to defeat the proposed loitering bylaw. 

Today Kenora Chiefs leadership watched the live stream, as Kenora City Council defeated the proposed loitering bylaw with a 6 to 1 vote against. 

The original bylaw proposal lacked any consultation with Indigenous leadership, and leadership reiterated to city council that meaningful solutions require collaborative work, and real partnerships. 

“We are happy that city council listened to the outpour of response from the public about the damage this bylaw would do. We have continued to state that the only way to make positive changes and form real solutions, is by honoring the partnerships and relationships that are built on respect and mutual trust,” said Board President Lorraine Cobiness. 

The Chiefs had raised concern that the bylaw would especially impact the Anishinaabe people who live in the City of Kenora, particularly those who do not have a fixed address. 

“Now is the time where we all have to get together and we need to look at the local organizations and do an inventory of what resources each organization has. In order to build capacity and support a solid plan that focuses on solutions, we all need to step up and offer what we can to move forward,” Cobiness added. 

This is not only an issue that will affect the Kenora area, but will affect all of Treaty 3 homelands. 

Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh has been extremely proactive and supportive in trying to find answers, and we need that continued support from Grand Council Treaty 3 at the table if we want to move forward. 

The Chiefs also called onto local residents and businesses, who were calling for the bylaw to be approved to come forward and offer solutions and help. 

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