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Today marks the 147th anniversary of Treaty #3, also known as the Paypom Treaty. It came about as the British wanted to plan a route between what is now Winnipeg and Thunder Bay. On this day in 1873 the Chiefs in this area negotiated, amongst other things, that the land and resources would be shared between Anishinaabe and the British “as brothers”.

The Paypom Document

The Paypom Document is an original set of notes made for Chief Powassan at the signing of the 1873 treaty between the Ojibway Indians and the government of Canada at North West Angle on Lake of the Woods.

The notes differ in many respects from the printed version of the treaty which was delivered to the signatories by government officials sometime later. Research indicates that the printed version may have been written a year before the 1873 North West Angle negotiations.

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