Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation

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Virtual Zoom Session on COVID-19 with Chief Lorraine Cobiness and Chief Chris Skead

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Niisaachewan Partial Lockdown Lifted

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Niisaachewan COVID-19 Positive Cases Resolved

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Upcoming COVID-19 Mobile Testing in the Community

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Niisaachewan Pandemic Measures Community Update

RESUME PARTIAL LOCK-DOWN – Please be advised that Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation will resume with the partial lock-down status that was initiated on Monday, November...

St Thomas Aquinas Grade 8 Closure

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Niisaachewan is taking all precautionary measures

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COVID-19 Mobile Testing Day

9:30 am to 1:00 pm Saturday, November 27, 2020 BRING YOUR HEALTH CARD! You will need this to check your results.Drive to lower entrance.Stay in your vehicle until you...

Delayed Contact Tracing Efforts

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URGENT – 3 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Niisaachewan

Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation has confirmed 3 members have tested positive for Covid-19. On November 26th 2020, Chief and Council were notified that a household of 3...

Positive COVID-19 Result At Bimose Tribal Council

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Community Update – COVID-19 – 23 Nov 2020

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COVID-19 Advisory for St Thomas Aquinas Students & Family

The Kenora Catholic District School Board has received notification of a positive COVID-19 case at St. Thomas Aquinas High School and is working closely with the...

Dear Steering Committee, 

We hope everyone is healthy and able to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. 

The All Nations Hospital Steering Committee chair & vice-chair and Project Planning Team thank you all for your support over the past month, and as July was a quieter month in terms of project updates, we saw it to be beneficial to forgo this month’s meeting. As many of us continue to work from home, the All Nations Hospital Project continues to progress and so do the efforts from all stakeholders towards project milestones. 

To keep the Steering Committee up to date with the project, we’ve provided a summary of progress from the last month below. 

Planning Consultants 

Work from the Consultants continue to proceed, however behind the original project schedule due to COVID-19 implications and related consultants’ deliverable dates. Future state planning sessions from CSI presenting to specific project and departmental groups in Mid-April were delayed until late-May. As these sessions have now been completed and validation has been received, the draft Stage 1A MOHLTC report was distributed Mid-July to the Project Planning team for a first round of review. The consultants presented the overview presentation of the report content to the Steering Committee on May 27, 2020. 

RPG, the Master Building Plan and Spatial Requirements consultant, aided by the Stage 1A report have now commenced their efforts towards Stage 1B. This stage focuses upon determining the requirements for a site, including the necessary size for the needs of the future campus planning for the future. We originally understood this work to overlap with the Clinical Consultants Stage 1A efforts, anticipating a completion date of early September. Due to the issues noted above, the consultants have only just begun this effort. Due to this delay, the spatial requirements are now anticipated to be received early September, delaying our Stage 1 submission to MOHLTC by approximately 2 months into Mid-November. 

While not ideal, the later submission of this report allows the team to re-review the scheduled activities, allocating additional time to areas which could benefit from enhanced efforts to ensure this initial report captures all intended information and anchors the project for the best start possible to the planning 

process. One of these areas is the procurement of the Quantity Surveyor, who will provide a cost estimate for construction of the new facility. This period the Project Planning Team spent additional effort reviewing the Request for Proposal to procure this consultant working to ensure that the ideal consultant is procured for this role in the project. The consultant is anticipated to be selected near the end of August. 

HTFC, the Site and Landscape consultant, has assisted the Project Planning Team in narrowing the 20 potential sites down to a short list of three, with one being the current site. As site selection relies upon input from the Master Planning consultant, many of these activities are on hold until September, however progressing through what site activities are presently possible. 

Community Project Planners 

Charlene Kissick and Kathy Kishiqueb are focusing on Site Selection in recent months. Priorities for what community members desire in a site are the focus of their efforts presently. They are hosting virtual community engagement sessions through GoTo Meeting conferencing software and are busy scheduling upcoming sessions as they continue to focus on site selection, continued public input, and feedback to the public. 

CPP sessions in the first part of the year acquired information regarding services and operations from the community. Utilizing what was heard, the CPP’s are now meeting with key LWDH and KCA members on a reoccurring basis to discuss operation changes which can be implemented, recording a list of changes which have already been implemented in order to provide the community with feedback. These efforts are continuous and are underway. 

Charlene has coordinated a series of “Dock Talk” sessions at the summer homes of philanthropic families who have provided support to the LWDH Foundation in the past. In conjunction with LWDHF, she has provided project updates at these sessions building relations with many project supporters. 

Kathy has been busy attending summer BBQ’s sessions, which KCA has been hosting in First Nation Communities. At these BBQ’s, she is able to meet with community members, providing feedback regarding operational changes and updates on behalf of the project. Kathy has plans for coordinating distribution of print media to First Nation Communities households in an effort to provide accessible material for all. Kathy continues to support the project by meeting recently with various Elders councils, facilitating meetings with project team members and Elder’s groups. 

Late in July, the CPP’s collected a list of key site priority questions which the community felt were important to consider and created a site related survey which is posted on the ANH website. They encourage the Steering Committee members to participate in the survey. 

Realizing the essential role of the CPP’s on the project whose contracts were set to end next month, the Project Planning Team elected to extend their contracts until December 2021 when Stages 1 & 2 are set to be completed. 

Project Planning Team 

The Project Planning team is convening regularly, meeting August 12, 2020, continuing to meet the first week of each month. 

The team met with the consultant team this period to discuss schedule impacts, assessing timelines and reaffirming upcoming dates. 

A teaching session by Elder Lynn Skead from Wauzhushk Onigum Nation occurred July 9, 2020, accompanied by the CPP’s. During that session, the team learned about meeting protocols and practices, as well as the teachings of the Little People who are found around the LWDH site. Cultural site importance and needs in a site were also discussed. 

We hope this letter informs you on recent project work, which continues to evolve every week. If you find you have any questions ahead of our next Steering Committee Meeting, please reach out to the Steering Committee chair or vice-chair, or one of the Project Planning Team members. 


Daniel Schmidt
Assistant Project Manager

Leighton Klassen
Senior Project Manager

Download This Update (PDF):