Grand Council Treaty #3

We are participating in a Flood Vulnerability Study that will determine the impacts of future flooding within Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation and the Treaty #3 territory, map out potentially vulnerable areas, and build capacity in our community.

Grand Council Treaty #3 (GCT #3) has partnered with CE Strategies to assist with developing systems, conducting training, researching, and compiling information for this project. Together we will be creating tools (GIS, Maps, 3D models, etc.) that will assist our community with future planning.

There is no cost for us to participate in the Flood Vulnerability Study. All information collected in this project remains the property of our community and will not be shared without our expressed consent.

Project Approach

This is a community-driven project that will be conducted by experienced professionals in a respectful manner that is aligned with our values. Elders, land users (trappers, hunters, fishers, etc.), and community members will be interviewed to identify and map out their knowledge while also recording their concerns with future flooding. These values include:

  • Cultural sites (sacred areas, gathering places, and burial sites)
  • The natural environment (wetlands, wild rice, animal habitats, and nesting sites)
  • Community infrastructure (roads, housing, water treatment plants).

The stories and information shared in the interviews will be documented, catalogued, and imported into a secure GIS database that our community can use for future projects and to preserve this invaluable knowledge for future generations.

Benefits of the Flood Vulnerability Study

By participating in the Flood Vulnerability Study, our community will receive the following

  • 1-year salaried position
  • Honoraria for Elders
  • Flood plain mapping for your community and surrounding area
  • Traditional Knowledge Interviews
  • Training in GIS/GPS
  • Simplified GIS software for two years