We are gathering knowledge about bats at Niisaachewan this summer – where they are feeding at night, and where they are resting and raising their babies (pups) during the day.

Some species of bats like to use hollow trees or buildings during the day, and others prefer to rest in leaves.

At night, some bats hunt insects in thick forest, while others prefer to hunt over water or high above the treetops. We are interested in finding as many different kinds of bats as we can, and finding as many different resting places as we can.

What will we do with this information?  

The goal of the research is to identify bat species at risk in our area. The research is also an opportunity to gather and share teachings about local animal populations with community members. The project results will be shared back to the community in the newsletter once it is finished, and through community workshops and feasts.

Have you seen bats? Fill in this survey to tell us where you have seen bats, and enter a raffle to win (2 prizes… $150 each).  


Here’s a link to the survey: