Working diligently and tirelessly during the Sturgeon Recovery Project we are using best practices to become better stewards of the land, air, and water. Working closely with the MNRF, our Knowledge Keepers, and our community to date we have released 39 sturgeon.  We released 12 fish in 2017, 15 fish in 2018, and 12 fish in 2019.  All fish are still alive and approximately 37 – 39 fish are still in the Upper Winnipeg River as of November 2020.  Two sturgeon went over the Whitedog Dam but were picked up below the dam by a handful of our remaining receivers there.

Our receivers have been actively tracking any of the sturgeon that have swam by. Our future plans are to install underwater cameras in areas that have the highest concentration of sturgeon in order to give a better visual idea of sturgeon spawning grounds.

Below is a video of the original release back in 2017.