Niisaachewan School Bus

Niisaachewan still does not have school bus services and the odds of having a school bus this year are looking very bleak. We are currently doing what we can to accommodate the need for student transportation.  In the meantime we are putting the onus on parents/caregivers to transport their child(ren) to/from school due to inadequate bus service for our community. Niisaachewan has always operated under the policy that school bus transportation is a privilege and not a right.

The Eligibility Requirements for Student Transportation Services & are as follows: Only parents/caregivers with no means of transportation are eligible for student transportation services, as seating is limited.

Typically, parents/caregivers with a license & insured vehicle are expected to drive their child(ren) to & from school. However, if you have a viable reason as to why you are unable to provide school transportation for your child(ren) and need to use Student Transportation Services, the Education Director requires proof & documentation. Acceptable proof is a work schedule, which must be provided weekly if your work scheduling changes week to week. Your schedule must come from your actual place of employment. Student Transportation Service is not a taxi service.

If a parent/caregiver who drives their child(ren) to/from school will be late dropping off/picking up their child(ren), the NAN Van Driver will not pickup/drop-off those child(ren). The parent/caregiver is responsible for making necessary arrangements in that situation. For families using Student Transportation Services, a registration/waiver form will need to be signed. Forms will be issued to these families soon.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: We are offering a very small incentive for families driving their children to/from school. You must be transporting your children to/from in your personal vehicle to be eligible for this incentive and this will be monitored. If you have a family member on-reserve who is driving your child(ren), they will receive the incentive.