Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation - LGBTQ Flag

Each year it is incumbent upon us all to remind ourselves that while great strides are being made to ensure that the LGBTQ2 members of society received equal treatment, there are still challenges they face in the form of verbal and/or physical attacks in the workplace, at the gym, out in society, and sometimes even in their home homes. Niisaachewan Anishinaabe Nation’s Chief and Council are committed to the recognition of our community members who are lesbian / gay / bi-sexual / transgender / 2-spirit / questioning, and are dedicated to creating a positive and non-judgmental environment where they can fully express their individuality and identity without fear.

By working to build a community based on tolerance and acceptance, we hope for a community in which the personal happiness of every one person is the priority of all people. We will attempt to foster connections between any and all diverse groups, including the myriad of personal/sexual identity groups with which people may identify.

We hope both to educate and to cultivate an attitude towards others marked by a generosity of spirit and acceptance. We will set a new precedent for those who come after us, in the hopes that one day statements such as this, as well as Pride Month will not be a necessity, but rather a cultural norm – an accepted facet of everyday life for everyone.