At its 41st annual General Assembly, the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) unanimously passed a resolution in support of Joyce’s Principle.

Nitaskinan, December 9th 2020 –The Manawan Atikamekw Council (CDAM) and the Council of the Atikamekw Nation (CNA) want to thank the Chiefs of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) for their support of Joyce’s Principle. This significant support from First Nations Chiefs representing 634 communities across Canada is greeted with satisfaction by the CDAM and the CNA, who continue the fight for the adoption of Joyce’s Principle at the provincial and federal levels.

“I am touched by this support from our AFN sisters and brothers as the tragedy of Joyce’s death continues to resonate in our community,” said Paul-Émile Ottawa, Chief of Manawan, “this support is comforting as we continue to move towards the adoption Joyce’s Principle and our collective healing.”

“On behalf of the members of the Atikamekw Nation and especially on behalf of Joyce Échaquan’s family, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to the Chiefs of the AFN”, declared Constant Awashish, Grand Chief of the Atikamekw Nation, “this firm support demonstrates a great sensitivity and shared experience by First Nations across Canada, an experience highlighted by the tragedy that shook all witnesses.

” As a reminder, Joyce’s Principle aims “to guarantee to all Indigenous people a right of equitable access, without any discrimination, to all social and health services, as well as the right to enjoy the best possible state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health ”and calls for “ recognition and respect of Indigenous people’s traditional and living knowledge in all aspects of health”. Joyce’s Principle brief now supported by the AFN’s resolution offers specific and thoughtful steps achieve its aim.

Joyce’s Principle brief is made available to all, in French and English, through the Facebook page Principe de Joyce as well as on request via the email [email protected] while the CNA and CDAM continue to gather support for the adoption of Joyce’s principle via mail or email.