More great information was posted in today’s news as work starts to take shape for the Niiwin Wendaanimok Partnership (4 Winds) on the Highway 17 Twinning Project.

As this project rolls out we will be seeing the preliminary stages taking place in the months to come before the dates for Phase 1 of “Road Construction” are announced.

One of the four Project Leads for this project, Niisaachewan Councillor Fabian Blackhawk, says “Our technical team has been extremely dedicated in moving this high level project forward. As we are approaching yet another set of milestones within our projects we look forward to showcasing what working together can truly accomplish, and to making sure the commitments meet the needs of our people at every opportunity“.

If you are interested in any training or career opportunities with this project, please check out the careers section on the Niiwin Wendaanimok website or email Four Winds Community Navigator Andrew Jameson – [email protected].